The Initial Consultation

At St Peter’s Studio Clinic we believe that every patient is different and so the initial consultation is crucial for every new patient so that we can establish your individual dental needs.

At the initial Oral Health Assessment, we examine your face, complete an Oral Cancer check and look at your teeth.  We like to have an informal chat about your past dental history.  This information helps us to build a better idea about your teeth, and any problems you have had in the past. Our dental consultations also use various additional diagnostic tools such as radiographs and impressions of your teeth to get the clearest possible picture of your oral health.

At the initial consultation, we will advise you of any that is required. We will also advise you on your dental hygiene habits and how you can improve these between your visits with your dentist.  

We can appreciate that some people can find a trip to the dentist a daunting experience and may not have visited for many years as a result.  Please be reassured that our team will make every effort to alleviate your worries and make your visit as pleasant and relaxed as possible.  Please contact us on 01234 261881 for a telephone consultation before booking your appointment.  We have helped many nervous patients in the past and would love the opportunity to help you.

We have a ground floor surgery and any concerns about parking can be addressed.

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