From our valued patients

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Dr Hema Mistry in the last two months has transformed my smile, it has made me feel more confident and made me more comfortable eating in public. I have gone from bad teeth to a beautiful smile and would like to thank Hema for all of her hard work and patience. The staff are welcoming and polite.The end result was much better than anticipated. My family are asking me to practice smiling all of the time because I have been used to not smiling all of these years. I would definitely recommend a smile makeover to anyone considering it.

Mr. George Breadon

"I could not be more pleased with the very professional service I have received. Everybody has made me feel so welcome and you have achieved what I thought was impossible in that from being a complete 'wimp' as regards any form of dentistry I now have no fear at all and have complete trust in the care I receive. The change you have bought about is quite staggering!!"


"It was a lucky day for me when I arrived at your premises and despite the poor state of my teeth you assured me you could give me a 'Hollywood Smile'. I now do indeed have that and I shall be eternally grateful for your hard work, skill and expertise."


After suffering a lot of pain with sensitive teeth and enamel damage to my teeth, I went to the St Peter's Studio dental clinic. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff (Dr Mistry and Serena especially) and also Alex who arranged all my visits with consideration for my work life. Very thoughtful!! I am very happy with the care and attention with which they approached and completed the work and heartily recommend St Peter's Studio dental clinic very highly...... Who would have thought that visits to the dentist could be so pleasant!

Suckvinder Jdali

"I am so pleased with the total experience I have had at your surgery and if this testimonial can help you and others then it will be a privilege. I haven't stopped smiling since the day you sorted my teeth out. Many thanks and regards to you all"