Free Orthodontic Consultations

17th February 2017

Orthodontic Treatment at St Peters Studio Dental Clinic

At our Clinic, the dentists and supporting team members aim to ensure that every patient has the perfect journey to achieving a beautiful straight smile.  We use the very highest standards in advanced modern orthodontic treatments for our patients. Our orthodontic treatments aim to correct problems including gaps, crooked and twisted teeth, overbites, underbites and overcrowding.

Our comprehensive approach to orthodontics ensures that every patient will be presented with all the treatment options during a consultation and be informed about the process at every stage and appointment. Due to our expertise we can offer a range of  orthodontic brace systems currently available in the UK which include

  • Orthopedic orthodontic appliances A.L.F (Alternative Litewire Functional),
  • Invisible braces such as Invisalign and SmileTru
  • Straight Wire Therapy in metal or ceramic (train tracks)

Our treatment approach always has a holistic goal, treating the whole face with orthodontics at the centre of it. The end result is a beautiful smile with facial harmony.