Why choose private dentistry over NHS?

24th June 2019

This is a question that is asked many times, what benefits are there to having private
dentistry over NHS? Here at St Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing an environment that feels like visiting a lovely home.

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Do your teeth hurt when you run?

12th April 2019

Running is an extremely popular exercise amongst people of all age groups from teenagers to adults. You only have to look at the increasing number of ‘parkrun’ events springing up in all the neighbourhoods to see that this sport, which was once seen as quite an insular pastime, has now in fact become so much more sociable with whole communities looking to support each other for the common goal of fitness through running.

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Need Emergency Dental Care - We Can Help You

27th July 2018

You never know when an acute toothache is going to strike.  Sometimes a dental emergency can appear as a front crown which has fallen out or an injury to the mouth resulting in a broken tooth or a swelling related to an infected tooth.  Such conditions may require more immediate clinical intervention.

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Love the skin you are in.

21st July 2018

We live in time where everyone is striving for the impossible.  We know our role models, and beauty bloggers, cheat the camera by adding filters and photo edits which are readily available on even standard mobile phones.  Why do we still strive for the flawless, wrinkle-free complexion? Does it exist? Can we actually achieve it?

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Eight good reasons why it is important to visit your dental hygienist.

11th June 2018

Excellent gum health preserves the bone support around the teeth and thereby gives us the foundations for good dental health.  Since May 2013 you can see hygienists without seeing the dentist.  At St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic we have embraced this method of working and you can see our hygienist whenever you like.

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GDPR at St. Peter’s Studio Dental Studio Dental Clinic

15th May 2018

You will be pleased to know that we store and keep all the data shared with us safely.  We do not share any data with a third party without your explicit written consent. Mostly, data is shared with third parties where your continued care is outside our surgery i.e. in the hospital or with the specialist services.

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