Dental Treatments

We offer an extensive range of the very highest quality dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry treatments, orthodontics treatments and dental implants. If any aspect of your dental appearance concerns you, no matter how trivial it may seem, discuss it with us.

Below is a list of dental treatments available to our patients. Call today to book your initial consultation on 01234 261 881.

  • Teeth whitening - in house whitening with Zoom and home whitening available 
  •  Beauty treatments, including facial fillers, wrinkle reducing injections and lip enhancement
  • Tooth restoration using tooth-coloured composite resin material
  • All-ceramic dental crowns ( including CEREC crowns)
  • Oral cancer screening of the hard and soft tissues of the head, neck and mouth at the initial consultation and every routine examination
  • Dental hygienist services for cleaning, polishing, stain removal and maintaining oral hygiene
  • Dental Implant treatment by our experienced surgeons

We are a mercury-free dental practice based in Bedford. Get in touch today to discuss your dental treatment