Dental crowns are a kind of artificial tooth cap made from ceramics or porcelain and are widely used where a tooth has become too badly broken or damaged to be restored using a filling. The crown covers up the existing tooth and can be used on teeth that are small or misshapen, as well as badly discoloured teeth which can’t be improved by cleaning or whitening. Crowns are used to cover teeth that are at risk of fracture because the tooth structure has become weakened by previous treatment such as root canal treatment.

Dental Crowns

Crowns provide a natural-looking end result and are colour matched to your neighbouring teeth.  As well as improving the appearance of your tooth, a crown will make a weak tooth stronger and restore its shape, leaving you smiling with confidence knowing that the work completed will not be easily noticed.

It is possible to have your crown prepared and fitted within the same appointment using our CEREC technology. Take a look at our CEREC crowns here.

What is the treatment process?

The damaged tooth first has to be reduced in size so the dental crown can fit over the top of it (2).

Next, digital scans or impressions are taken, as well as a record of your tooth colour, to allow the crown to be handmade in a dental laboratory or using our CEREC machine. All our crowns are made to an exceptional standard of quality and appearance.

On completion, the crown is attached to the prepared tooth using a strong dental adhesive (3). The aesthetics of your smile are important, so the crown will be prepared in a shade and shape that matches your natural teeth, providing you with a strong and realistic-looking restoration.

Before After
Before Dental Crowns After Dental Crowns

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