Root Canal Treatment

When the inner part of a tooth, the root canal system, becomes infected it may be necessary to carefully remove the infected tissue to avoid an extraction and prevent further pain. This infection can be caused by tooth decay, cracked fillings or trauma to the tooth, and symptoms can include pain, increased sensitivity, discolouration and gum tenderness.

Root canal treatments will tackle the infection by removing the bacteria and preventing it from spreading, after which the tooth is permanently filled so it remains intact and functional.

The Treatment Process

  • We will numb the affected area with a local anaesthetic and precisely remove the infected tissue.
  • The root canals are flushed out with an antibacterial solution and if necessary we will apply an antibacterial dressing in the tooth for around a month to eliminate any remaining bacteria.
  • When suitably cleaned, the root canals are filled with a rubber like material to prevent further bacteria from getting in.
  • Finally, we will seal the treated tooth with a permanent filling or crown.

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